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May 21, 2006

Nobody probably reads this page anymore, but, just in case, we're heading up to FanimeCon again this year - just look for a guy with a green backpack or people playing Queen of Heart '99, Party's Breaker, Melty Blood Re•ACT, or Eternal Fighter Zero.

While this is a good opportunity for revenge, we'd prefer if people joined us for a few games...

October 5, 2005

The forums are back up and running, the only problem is that none of the backups I made work ;_;

October 4, 2005

The forums are screwed in case you're wondering. I spent a couple hours this morning trying to fix them to no avail, and I have to postpone working on them until later today because of my schedule. Hopefully, I can get them back up and running this evening. I'm very irritated and sleepy right now...

July 10, 2005

Yet again, I failed to post flyers about a gathering for a ROH gathering - I figured that most people who were interested after seeing the image on this front page would go check out the forums I mentioned below to figure out where and when to go. Also, since my hotel room was a bit of a walk from the convention, I didn't think anyone would be willing to walk over the hotel room to play games for just a couple hours (I was a lot busier than I anticipated) so I just let it slide. There was a pretty decent gathering on the 2nd floor of the ACC as well as some impromptu gaming in the lobby of the Hilton, so everything turned out well.

Doujin: The Gathering (Rear)    Doujin: The Gathering (Profile)

June 12, 2005

Once again, Sklathill and I will venture into the abyss that is known as AnimeExpo for those of you who care. We tenatively booked hotel rooms at the Days Inn & Stes At The Resort, but we won't actually know what rooms we're in until we get there. It's likely that we won't actually have the gathering in our room since it's relatively far from the convention center (~0.17 miles). In the meantime, I have the following flyer to generate interest.

Anime Expo 2005 Flyer

If we can find a better location or if someone is willing to host a gathering at one of the closer hotels like the Hilton or Marriott we'd really appreciate it. The guys over at World of Eternity are discussing a similar gathering. It's probably best to go to that thread and work out a meeting time and place with them also - more people means more fun!

I'll try to post some flyers with more details on a message board (if there is one) or drop a stack near an information booth. Also, I'll wear a sign that says "The Spatula" on my green backpack - hopefully, people will notice...

May 27, 2005

Not that anyone probably cares, but Sklathill and The Spatula will be heading over to FanimeCon (this Memorial Day weekend) to do extensive research on otaku in a controlled environment. Hopefully, the data from this field work will provide the basis for further theories on the nature of otaku as chronicled in our songs. For those of you who wish to collaborate with us in the field, I will probably have a sign on my bright green backpack that says "Real Otaku Heroes".

A follow-up observation period is planned for AnimeExpo, July 1-4, giving our dozen or so fans another opportunity to interact with us in person. Don't miss it!

April 18, 2005

I moved some of the older songs to my friend's website (thanks idprism) to help alleviate some of the load on this domain. If anything is wrong with the links, please let me know - nobody said anything about broken links on my pages before =(

I don't really expect to go over my limit again (rumors usually disappear after 72 days), but it's better to be safe than sorry.

March 5, 2005

I always knew of the power of Anime News Network, but I had yet to witness it firsthand after being linked as the "Not so Daily Link of the Day (2005-03-03 22:50:06)". If 1 and 1 (link on the left) didn't upgrade my package a couple months ago, my domain would've died on the first day. Lucky...

New people to the site will notice that there isn't much here because I spend most of my time updating my personal site Kitchen Discotheque. The Live Action section was supposed to have pictures from conventions, but we haven't been to many lately. If anyone has some good pictures...

I also haven't had any good ideas for new songs for a long time - yeah, I'm not that smart, or creative, or funny, etc... Vince suggested that people should submit any ideas they have to us (email or forum) and we might record them over the upcoming spring break (starting March 11).

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